CactNip - Kelp Soil Additive, 1 Gallon

CactNip - Kelp Soil Additive, 1 Gallon

I first started using kelp by sun-drying it, then mixing the pulverized dried material into my soil. The root development and growth results were real, and that’s when I sipped the kelp koolaid.

Since then I’ve changed the preparation, starting with an immersion blender, using a split mix of both fresh and fermented kelp, adding a few organic ingredients, and then sun-drying at the end of the process rather than the beginning. The result is CactNip.

CactNip is first and foremost a natural growth stimulant - containing hormones (auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins) which are readily taken up by plants and put directly to use. Beyond that, CactNip also stimulates soil bacteria while improving soil structure, aeration, and moisture retention. Additional benefits are improved seed germination, increased alkaloidal potency, more extensive root systems, and greater resistance to pests like nematodes and pathogens.

The Cactus Jones soil recipe:

Cactus people all have their own cactus soil formula, and that’s all good, but just make sure that it’s well draining!  Cacti and succulents store water in their bodies, and they don’t like soil that holds water and stays moist. That means your soil mix should consist of approximately 50% rock particle (This can vary depending on species). Here’s what I use — percentages don’t need to be exact:

20% Sand – I use rinsed beach sand, but any will work / 20% Vermiculite or Perlite – For aeration and structure / 10% Small Rocks or Pebbles – Less than marble sized / 30% Rich Organics – Store bought or your own compost /  10% Worm Castings / 5% Gypsum Powder / And … 5% CactNip! – To drive your cacti and succulents wild.

Or, if you don’t want to think too much, here’s an ultra lazy brainless recipe that still works:

40% Store-Bought Potting Mix / 10% Local Dirt / 40% Sand / 10% CactNip

And now for the heavy-handed product cross promotion exit line … CactNip goes hand-in-hand with The Jones Juice for great results 💪