👑The Athletic Mystery - “Pala” - nice 10” tip

👑The Athletic Mystery - “Pala” - nice 10” tip

(note — last image shows how spiny the older Pala growth gets in full sun - a wide range of spine variation on this clone!)

This is my go-to medicine plant, and you should help the world grow more of it. Pala is a bit of a mystery, but I’m 90% sure it’s bridge x peru. Depending on conditions, it can be indistinguishable from Lumberjack, and I’ve called it “JumberLack” because of this, but I’m sticking with “Pala” from now on — the name of the small Cali town it originally shipped from. Wish I could get in touch with the single listing eBay seller who sold it to me and then went inactive. It’s like the mysterious man who sells you the magic beans then disappears .  NI’ve 10” tip to be cut upon purchase.

The “ 👑 “ means Kingstock, to be cut upon purchase. All kingstock orders will include something extra in the package (something good, not pc rootstock etc). A Kingstock listings that doesn’t sell (due to higher price) will do 2 good things - 1) it keeps the shop populated with content when other inventory runs out, and 2) it keeps on growing in my garden.

To be cut upon purchase. For all post purchase cuttings, allow a minimum of 1 week before shipment, as the exposed cut area needs time to start callousing. It’s not that uncommon (20-ish% of the time) for small black oozy “stress blisters” to form after cutting. This might be oogly, but it’s also a *normal* (and non-fungal, non-infection) stress reaction to being cut.


NEW NOTE ON PURCHASING:  After adding to cart, please read the simple instructions at check out, which say —> before clicking final purchase (which removes it from inventory), please pay via Venmo (or Zelle) first!  From now on, when I get a Shopify “sold” notification without getting a Venmo transaction notification right before (or almost immediately after) then I am canceling the order and putting your plant back in the shop for someone else to get.  Thanks for your cooperation and understanding! 🙏

The cactus you see here is the same cactus you get. We only sell healthy cactus, but there’s always a chance of minor blemishes, marks, black stress blisters, scars and imperfections.  All plants are hard grown rough-n-tumble without pesticides.


This plant requires protection from freezing weather, but will tolerate high 20s on rare occasion with frost covering.  The Cactus Jones ships from a warm climate zone (no freezing), but please be aware of the weather in your area — will not refund for temperature related damage, whether frozen or cooked.