(The Jones Juice - 1 Gallon)

(The Jones Juice - 1 Gallon)

I’ve been experimenting with kelp for my own cactus nursery over the past several years, and I’m fascinated with the results.  “How do you get so many pups?” is the most common question I get.  My lucky climate in coastal SoCal is the #1 reason,  and then my fermented kelp  formula is my #2 reason. 

The Jones Juice is the 100% organic result of lots of trial and error with liquid kelp extraction.  I’m a true believer now — the more robust growth is real.  The most apparent difference, realized from my with-and-without testing, is root development.  Plants given The Jones Juice needed to be up-potted much sooner than the “No Juice” control group.

 Add 1-2 ounces of The Jones Juice per gallon of water, every 2nd watering.  If you use more, it won’t harm your plants, but just remember – The Jones Juice acts more as a natural growth hormone than regular liquid fertilizer, so it doesn’t take much to trigger results. Don’t overdo it.

 Benefits of The Jones Juice:

 Natural Plant Hormones - The Jones Juice is derived from kelp, one of the world’s fastest growing organisms (up to a half-meter a day), and besides being full of necessary nutrients, it also contains growth hormones (auxins, gibberellins, and cytokinins) which are readily taken up by plants and put directly to use.

Micronutrients - The Jones Juice is naturally rich in micronutrients, which are fully chelated to be easily utilized by plants to prevent and correct any micro-nutrient deficiencies. 

Stronger Beneficial Microbes - The Jones Juice is a rich source of food for beneficial microorganisms in your growing medium. A healthy beneficial microbial population in and around the roots is instrumental in allowing for more nutrient / water uptake, and for controlling pathogenic microorganisms.

Is The Jones Juice just for cacti and succulents? Not really, all plants love it, but cacti and succulents are more calcium-hungry (along with a few other minerals) so it has been boosted with these nutrients.  

Where does the kelp come from? It’s hand-collected from the beach right here in Ventura CA.  Mainly right after big seasonal swells when it is fresher and more plentiful. Mostly in late spring and summer, right after large southern swells that rip the kelp from their anchors and land it on the beach for me — The Cactus Jones — to collect and process.