What is the Jones Athletic club, and why would I join?

When the Jones Athletic Club opens (Soon!), it will be the most value-packed “no-brainer” subscription service you’ll ever find. Why? Because, for a monthly subscription of $12.99, I will SPOIL you with ...

20% OFF EVERY PURCHASE! ... Yep that’s right, 20%. The math is lovely – Just one average purchase will cover your monthly membership twice over.

BONUS CUTTING(S) IN EVERY BOX! … And we ain’t talking about grafting stock -- there will be always a named clone or desirable hybrid tagging along with each and every club member package (which also means that I will stop randomly adding extras for everyone, like I’ve always done).

FIRST ALERTS! ... Jones Athletic Club members will get a shop drop alert at least 20 minutes before the general alert goes out to my regular, non-member email subscribers. Also, as a logged-in member, your info/shipping will already be populated, so you’ll be “trigger ready” at checkout, . Lastly, as a Jones Athletic Club member, you’ll have my blessing to buy first then pay after.  For non-members, I will continue to cancel/restock when I don’t see separate payment (Venmo, Zelle, Cash App) immediately *before* purchase, but for Club Members, you can pounce first, pay after.

There is only one rule:

Let’s call it the “One Day Rule” -- New members must wait one full day (from the moment of subscribing on Instagram) before using their member benefits. Why? When you first join (via Instagram subscription), I get a “New Subscriber” notification from Instagram, then I manually create your membership and email your “Welcome Aboard” with member login. Please expect this process to take 1 full business day.

I just need to avoid the situation where a customer decides to join right before (or worse, right after) they makea purchase, and then says “Hey! I joined the Jones Athletic Club right before my purchase so I didn’t have my membership login yet ... could you Venmo 20% of my purchase back to me?”. My answer will be no, because you didn’t abide by the “One Day Rule”.

Other FAQ stuff:

“What if I decide *not* to join, will I be treated like a second class citizen?”

> Heck no, my love will not waver! You’ll continue to get my same humble service and competitive pricing. The only difference now is that a small group of people will get a drop alert approx 20 minutes before you, and you should no longer anticipate “bonus” or “surprise” cuttings in your box (which I previously would add to at least half of all shipments).

“Is it easy to cancel? ”

> Yes, just go to your Instagram subscriptions and cancel. I will get a notification, and then disable your member login.

“I don’t see a ‘Join’ button on your website. How do I join the club? ”

> You can‘t yet, (LAUNCHING SOON) but, joining will be simple -- follow @the.cactus.jones on Instagram, and then subscribe (you’ll soon see a “Subscribe” button on my Instagram profile)

“Why did you decide to start this subscription service? ”

> Short answer -- the new farm! With the increased overhead, I have a goal of building a modest level of stable recurring revenue. By becoming a Jones Athletic Club member, you aren‘t just getting awesome discounts and perks, you’re also supporting me and The Jones Acre.

“Is the membership fee paid monthly or annually?”

> There is no annual plan, it’s just $12.99 monthly, and you can cancel at any time (via Instagram subscription).

“From what I’ve seen, your shop mostly sells out within a day or two after each weekly shop drop. So, how would I reap the benefits of being a club member when you don’t have enough inventory?”

> Well now, that’s a hard-hitting question! The short answer is – I will be continuously ramping up, with more frequent shop drops and more inventory. That goes for the off season too (winter). Also, there will be no breaks or vacations, which works out splendidly because, after getting the farm, the only vacation I can afford is to curl up for a few minutes in the fetal position.

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