Cactus is a Verb

Hey, do you cactus? When you combine all aspects of cactusing – from collecting, to seed starting, to grafting, to breeding new hybrids, to the entheogenic side of things – you soon realize that cactusing goes beyond just a peaceful green thumb meditation ... it’s also an action-packed and adrenaline-infused wet burrito of athletically spiritual thrills.


Then you get the cactus bug, and it’s all over.


The Cactus Jones started with just a few plants and an online account (IG@the.cactus.jones) to track growth, and it quickly got out of hand. Too many plants, not enough acreage. To make room, I started selling plants on Instagram, but soon realized that keeping up with DMs detracted from the hobby. So, this website is my way of automating things a bit – to spread the good stuff around, to make space for my collection, to permanently ban the need to work a “real job”,and to keep cactusing fun. (Update 1/1/23 — space is no longer an issue, because I’ve moved to my new cactus farm in Escondido CA!)

Some Q & A

I bought a cutting from you, now how do I get it rooted?

Every package I ship contains easy instructions for rooting. About 80% of my sales are “cut-to-order”. When you recieve your recently cut-to order cutting, the cut area will be coated with sulphur powder (organic antifungal) and will usually need additional time to callous — anywhere from 1-5 weeks —. before being placed upright in soil.


Once the callous is fully hardened, place the cutting bottom down in dry soil, in a dry warm place not in direct sun. Do not water at this point. From there it’s just a waiting game before roots start to show. Depending on temperature and the size of the cutting, it could take just a few weeks, or several months before the first sign of roots. Periodically remove the cutting from the dry soil to check for roots. During this period, your cutting will shrink due to dehydration and start to look “puckered” . Do not worry, that’s called “rooting stress”, and it’s a required part of the process. Then, when little root buds finally begin to show (and they will, I promise!), that’s when you plant the cutting about an inch deep in the soil, then keep the soil moist while the roots develop and take hold.


How do you determine pricing?

I price according to how much of a thing I have in my collection. So, a plant or cutting might be priced higher than it should be, and then just as often, priced lower than it should be (whatever the price “it should be” means to you). Each plant is priced based on my feelings about parting ways with that particular specimen, combined with the personal value of my time and attention. That’s it.



Where are you located?

Escondido CA



Can I visit you and stroll amongst your cacti, with the sea breeze in my hair?

It’s way too much of a residential set up for on-site visits. However, there will come a day, in the not too distant future, when I build a cactus Shangri-La in a more agricultural area. Then you’ll be free to swing by anytime, and we can thumb wrestle, or play bocce ball, or break dance, and then I’ll show you my cactus. Can’t wait to meet you in person when that day comes, because you seem really cool.



What’s your refund policy?

I still haven’t had a customer request a refund yet, but if the day comes, my policy would be ... Simply return the living thing you purchased, and if it’s still mostly alive, you’ll be refunded.



Is your last name really Jones?




Your contact form is a pain. Could you just tell me your direct email?

Cactus (at) TheCactusJones (dot) com


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