🌶️🌶️ NoidTwo — 12” Tip

🌶️🌶️ NoidTwo — 12” Tip

I have only “experienced “ two No ID trichocereus that have potency, and I have named them NoidOne and NoidTwo, both of which were among the first in my collection . I do clearly remember that NoidTwo is 1/2 Bridgesii SS02, but I lost the full label years ago.  It turned out to be extra 🌶️ 🌶️.  12” tip to be cut upon purchase.  Fun fact — this plant was central to my understanding of PC when I was first getting into the hobby. Someone said “nah bro, look at the sawtooth profile- that’s PC!” So, for awhile I was like, “ok I got burned 🤷‍♂️”.  It’s funny how obvious it is now that it’s *not* PC, but back then I couldn’t be sure.



The cut pictured here is always the cut you get, except for when it’s labeled an inventory listing (2 ) or more in stock.


Expect 7-10 days for cut-to-order cuttings to ship, this allows the callus (exposed cut area) to harden so it can be put in a box without getting fungal rot during shipment.

Rooting instructions included in every package.

The cactus you see here is the same cactus you get. I only sell healthy cactus, but there’s always a chance of minor blemishes, marks, black stress blisters that arise after cutting , scars and imperfections.  All plants are hard grown in the ground outdoors, rough-n-tumble without pesticides and shade control, so they have fortitude ! 💪