👑 Austy’s Bomb (TNT) - 12” Basal Pup

👑 Austy’s Bomb (TNT) - 12” Basal Pup

First time offering. I recently did a 10 gram bioassay on this one, and I can now vouch for it. It’s at least on par with Pala.  Clone info — I got this in a trade with Austy Bee Black, who told me it was named “TNT” due to rumors of its attributes.  I didn’t like the name because it sounded like what I call my Torres & Torres (T&T), so, after growing it for 2 years and then recently testing it for myself, I took the liberty of renaming it “Austy’s Bomb”. 1 foot basal pup to be cut upon purchase.

Note to Austy (or someone who personally knows him), if you’re reading this … Where’d you go? I only had contact with you through DMs, and now you’re radio silent. Your IG account is still visible, but there has been no activity for over a year. Send me an email good sir.


The “ 👑 “ means Kingstock … extra primo.. if a Kingstock listing doesn’t sell (due to higher price) it will do 2 good things - 1) it keeps the shop populated with content when other inventory runs out, and 2) it keeps on growing in my garden 💪

Instruction for Cut-To-Order cuttings —> lay this on its side indoors in a dry place for a minimum of 2 additional weeks while the sulphur-coated callous fully hardens (do this before ever placing upright in dry medium).

The cactus you see here is the same cactus you get. I only sell healthy cactus, but there’s always a chance of minor blemishes, marks, black stress blisters, scars and imperfections.  All plants are hard grown rough-n-tumble without 

The Cactus Jones ships from a temperate climate zone (no freezing), but please be aware of the temps on your end — will not refund for temperature related damage, whether frozen or cooked.