👑 Bob’s Colossus— 9.5” Pup

👑 Bob’s Colossus— 9.5” Pup

Here’s an extra good one — Bob Ressler’s Colossus, (BBG # 66.0159 Ritter, Bolivia 2800 meters elevation).  Color, shape, everything about this one is gorgeous. Older growth will have long single spines lower down, and be near spineless up top.  Chubby 9.5” pup to be cut upon purchase (2 identical in stock)


The “ 👑 “ means Kingstock, extra primo … usually applied to named clones, but on rare occasion, crosses as well.

Rooting instructions included in every package.

The cactus you see here is the same cactus you get. I only sell healthy cactus, but there’s always a chance of minor blemishes, marks, black stress blisters, scars and imperfections.  All plants are hard grown rough-n-tumble without pesticides.