Chalensis “Glaucous”— 8” pup

Chalensis “Glaucous”— 8” pup

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I have no idea why Sacred Succulents named this classic Chalaensis clone “Glaucous”, because it’s not that glaucous, but ooh … look at those red spines. Perfect 8” pup. (Note - I would list this highly collectible Chala clone for $69, but the diameter on this pup is small)

A note on Cut-To-Order cuttings — lay this on its side indoors in a dry place for a minimum of 1 month while the callous fully hardens (before ever placing upright in soil).

The cactus you see here is the same cactus you get. I only sell healthy cactus, but there’s always a chance of minor blemishes, marks, black stress blisters, scars and imperfections.  All plants are hard grown rough-n-tumble without pesticides.

This plant requires protection from freezing weather. The Cactus Jones ships from a warm climate zone (no freezing), but please be aware of the temps on your end — will not refund for temperature related damage, whether frozen or cooked.