(Shop Notes: it’s Time-Out Time!)

(Shop Notes: it’s Time-Out Time!)

  • The last drop (10/31) has sold out, and I have also allowed inventory of The Jones Juice to run out. So, starting today (11/3), I will be taking a 5-6 week break, as I undertake this move to “The Jones Acre” in Escondido. It’s actually 1.3 acres, but I like the way “The Jones Acre” (singular) sounds.  

Also …

• Yes, I sent a drop alert with just this announcement and a single Pala listing. Closest thing to spam I’ve ever done, and I promise to never do it again. (Alerts should always  announce a *minimum* of 9 new listings)

• All orders since Halloween will ship out no later than Wednesday 11/9.

• Automated tracking #’s will return by the next shop drop (after the move).

• After the move, things will be really ramping up. I mean, I’m committed to this cactus farm now. I have no choice but to “go big”. Bigger shop drops, even better stuff, more often. There’s no going back now.

• I am planning a “mega moving sale” shop drop within 4-7 weeks. Will need to liquidate some really good stuff before (or right after) the move.


Just like Frodo, I’ve seen too much, so I’m leaving the Shire … off to The Jones Acre 🌈🌵