(Shop Notes)

(Shop Notes)

Update for Wednesday 6/12

Happy Hump Day mid week drop. KR04, BART, Austy’s Bomb, Rimac, Ichoca, Landfill, Caballero, Ogun and more. C’Mon ! Bangers all around.


General shop Info

The Sunday Shop Drop:

This shop gets restocked every single Sunday (the “Sunday Shop Drop”).   If you’re here for the first time and you don’t see much, that’s because it’s mostly sold out since the last Sunday drop.  

Mid Week Drops:

Sometimes the Sunday drop sells out quickly (by Monday or Tuesday), so I’ll do a mid week drop on Wednesday or Thursday. Mid week drops happen more often during spring and summer. 

Add-on Freebies:

I often, but not always, include an “Add-on Freebie” in my drops. Sometimes these freebies are super generous, like full size 10” tips of a clone. Don’t forget to add it to your cart, as long as there’s already something else in your cart.


I use an oversimplified and sorta childish (but effective) emoji legend in my listings, as follows:

👑 — Named clones or rarer cultivars (Kingstock)

👑💎 — Extra rare / collectible / desirable Kingstock. 

🌶️ — Has enough potency* for ceremonial use, based on my anecdotal personal assay (not based on lab work!). If a listing has no ranking, that means it either lacks much potency (such as LER or Yowie) or, more often the case, I simply don’t know yet. I can’t assay them all, there’s too many Pokémon.

🌶️🌶️ — Highest potency* rating, there are currently only 7 of these.

* Potency is shared only for purposes of collectibility, not for purposes of consumption.  I will not discuss preparation or consumption. My customer base is collectors, and potency relates to collectibility. ‘Nuff said!

Why no credit cards or PayPal?

Due to my openness in communicating about these amazing plants (Trichocereus), I have been blacklisted by all credit card payment processors, along with PayPal.  I now only transact with Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp.

Free Shipping for Californians 

 Shipping is now free for California residents!   If you live in California, simply subtract shipping from the total (do the math in your head) when you make your Venmo or Zelle payment. Easy peasy.  Note, Californians only please. I check! If you’re in a neighboring state and decide “I’m close enough to Cali to not pay shipping”, I will have to send you a friendly email to pay shipping to complete the transaction. Please don’t make me send artificially friendly emails, it’s awkward.

 In cactus we trust —


The Cactus Jones